Photo of David Dickson NMLS #248879

David Dickson NMLS #248879

Mortgage Loan Originator/ Owner

David has been a full time loan originator for 15 years and co-owner of Cornerstone Mortgage since its opening in April 2004. As owner and one of the company's experienced mortgage loan originators, David works closely with his clients and their realtor to ensure all parties are on the same page so the client is…

Photo of Stephen Jones NMLS#248866

Stephen Jones NMLS#248866

Mortgage Loan Originator/Owner

Since 2001, Steve has been assisting buyers obtain the dream of home ownership. In April of 2004 Steve and David Dickson co-founded Cornerstone Mortgage Solutions, LLC. Steve uses his knowledge of the mortgage business to help put borrowers in the program that best suits their individual needs. With a focus on service, Steve has built…

Photo of Shane Gordon NMLS#316963

Shane Gordon NMLS#316963

Mortgage Loan Originator

Shane has been in lending industry for the last 11 years. He is the Senior Mortgage Loan Originator who specializes and leads a team in Reverse Mortgage Loans.

Photo of Tracy Day NMLS#378687

Tracy Day NMLS#378687

Mortgage Loan Orginator

After working as a successful Realtor for approximately 10 years Tracy moved into a related field and became a licensed Mortgage Broker in 2002. He has worked as a successful mortgage consultant since that time. During this time he has helped hundreds of families purchase homes with VA, FHA, and Conventional mortgages. Several years ago,…

Photo of Greg Taylor NMLS#1218257

Greg Taylor NMLS#1218257

Mortgage Loan Originator

Photo of Pete Gettle NMLS#1052957

Pete Gettle NMLS#1052957

Mortgage Loan Originator

Pete has been in the financial services industry since 2008 and thoroughly enjoys helping clients find solutions that meet their financial needs. Having recognized the need for honesty, integrity, expertise, and quality customer service in this industry, he is committed to delivering nothing but the best to his customers. Through knowledgeable solutions, proven performance, and…

Photo of Michelle West NMLS#358340

Michelle West NMLS#358340

Morgage Loan Originator

Photo of Laina Rosales NMLS#1456966

Laina Rosales NMLS#1456966

Loan Partner-Steve Jones Team