Angela Hunter


Angela Hunter NMLS #1468353

Mortgage Loan Originator

6702-C Plantation Road
Pensacola, FL. 32504


Cell: 850-805-1446

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Angela began her mortgage industry career in 2010 and hasn’t looked back. Her goal is to be THE Mortgage Whisperer who empowers communities to build general wealth through homeownership and education.


Angela’s personal and professional experiences drives her passion to see you WIN and be BLESSED. Her vast credit and loan knowledge plus people patience ensures happy homeowner’s and remunerated realtor partners.


She believes EVERY FAMILY deserves to own a home and every homeowner deserves ECONOMIC FREEDOM.  If you ever dreamed of owning a home and don’t think you qualify, then contact Angela. She will review your financial health and create a personalized path to your PROMISE.


Don’t let the current economy bully you. Today is the BEST time to start. Don’t wait, call/email or click the ‘Apply now’ link!

***Make the thoughts and dreams in your mind come to reality. See the vision, believe in the concept, feel the conviction, then relentlessly pursue it until you find yourself living the thing you once dreamed of. – Jay Morrison.